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Ong So Hung. One of my favourites always reminding me of the true deep wondrous energy of my heart.

As I awoke this morning , looked outside to see snow softly falling by the streetlight , I couldn’t help but feel a slight heaviness in my lower back and yes tiredness and wanting to get straight back to bed and comfy in my blankets .

However , my personal practise is always the top of my mindfulness list .

I knew this morning it was all about the heart again ... it had shown up in the Free Flow Dance I had taught this week and shown up very deeply in the Burn After Reading Evening as well Sunday .

My heart .... it’s big .... and it feels everything in the highest amptitude .... I take it very seriously , and knowing that I am so excited to have the whole long weekend away with my family has brought me through the last few days knowing that I will be spending some much needed and well deserved time at the farm .

As I began my practise this morning , a lit a single candle , and used rose , geranium oil on my throat and chest .

It’s been coming for a while know it .... that feeling that rushes over your body that feels like shivers from head to toe and that comes in waves , with each precipice of the wave , memories, visions, heart pangs. You can feel the cold overcome your body with the flow of heat right after it. You can feel your stomach gurgling and moving. That solar plexus always teaching , you can feel the energetic release as it comes over every piece of your being , when the heart releases , my shoulders open I always drop head back as to create space for my throat ( another energy centre that’s been gently coming into its totality ) as I lay my head back and my heart centre releases I can feel my whole upper quadrant release as I hang my arms to the back and side and breathe deep into my heart ... another layer is ready .

As I hang limber in this pose .... it releases my mind ... the mantra I chose this morning for a full set , Ong So Hung .... is one of my favourites ..... always reminding me of the true ,deep, wondrous energetic that my heart holds and how capable it is of clearing, and activating the EMF of my being , the emitting of love first within me and then the flow outward .

This release is just beginning ...This upcoming weekend will hold so much for me ...I am held, I am Love , I am life .

Ong So Hung

The mantra which brings Peace by acknowledging the innate and indisputable connection between we as human beings and universal creative consciousness .

This Kundalini Yoga heart opening mantra always brings me back the I am ....the flow of pure oneness in this world ... and the truth in knowing we are all more alike than different .

This mantra when chanted repeatedly for one hour or more if you are like me , will not only open your heart , lighten your chest , free your lungs and re set your back and clear your upper quadrant , it will also lead you back to you ... over and over and over 📷💚

Let the tears roll Cry that cry Laugh that laugh Feel all that is ready Lengthen your spine Breathe deeply Feel the deepness of breath Feel the shallowness of breath Feel the energy Feel the flow Just Feel anything

Sat Nam Rebekah

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