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About Me

My defining moment ...

When I turned 40 a culmination of overworking, family, children, and never saying no to anyone had come to a precipice as my body was truly saying slow down. I had two children in compete swim club and travelled every weekend, while working full time and never making time for me, I didn’t know what I liked to do... What my favourite food was... did I even have a hobby and what is spare time!!?? I had manifested years of giving to so many other people that I forgot to take care of me. Physically I began to get migraines, lost 30lb, my hair fell out, and created a tumour on my thyroid... the body was saying NO! Conventional medicine masked the real issues so I decided to go to Peru as my dad spoke of it often and the healing power of plants so I flew to Peru and took part in several ayahuasca and SAN Pedro Plant Medicine Ceremonies which changed the trajectory of my life. I learned who I was, and I loved her for the very first time. I came back to Canada and made massive lifestyle changes, quit all committee and clubs and removed my girls from swim club and began to live a life of authentic courage and vulnerability in love.


I learned that if I was going to hold space for others I need to hold space for myself and honour everything as a whole and that nothing is separate we are all in this together. I really learned and seen the beauty of people and the energy of their hearts actually drives my purpose and passion. To truly share space and ceremony with so many amazing souls, that are excited to learn and grow and experience each workshop, yoga class, meditation, drum circle, breath class or energy session. I began offering sessions in and that bloomed me into building a studio so others can come anytime, and feel loved, that they can bring their friends and family and partake in a variety of self care and self empowering classes, workshops and teachings right in their own community and be home with their family at the end of the day.


 Through my own daily personal practise I realize that anything is possible when we simply create the time and space for ourselves first and foremost. It is a true gift to be in service and to offer reciprocally in right relationship and integrity. I was what I was waiting for and now it is my honour to help others realize this power of potential.

My Passion and Trainings 

Kundalini Tantra Yoga Instructor 200hr

Body Ascension Breath Level 1 & 2

Level 3 Usui Facilitator 

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Sound Therapy

Energy Work



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Leanne Wolff 
Power of Self

• When responding from her gut, Rebekah is here to be a seductive teacher to her tribe. Through a solid foundation of transformation, her insatiable drive to hold true to her own convictions and perfected form will bring fresh new focus to the determination of keeping the body healthy and well. Provoking others to fight for their own survival by holding true to the inner truth that is beholden in the values of each person she teaches. Living form a place of Empowerment.

• Rebekah has provided a place where the tribe can commune to feel the truth and pleasure of alliance with each other as they ride the wave of the emotional intelligence of our maya. Allowing trial and error to be a learning and not a punishment. The container will inspire the creation of healthy relationships where the worthiness of self is never questioned. The container will allow you to be certain of the correct action that is needed to be taken by the client to walk through the waves to a place of clarity. Dropping into the Inner Sage that each being walks in to the container searching for!


" Rebekah is a gifted healer and community leader focused on building up those she comes into contact with. If you are open to it, she can help to provide insight and clarity as you navigate your own path. The music therapy is poignant and moving for your soul. There are many options to fit whatever your need is. I have learned so much. I would highly recommend a session if you are so inclined. "

Sara Hoehn

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