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The Kundalini Yoga Studio

A space to hold others in complete non judgement and witnessing the beauty of their wholeness, complete and love filled in any capacity warms my heart and lights my soul. We are all In this together

The moment I met Rebekah I could see thay her heart envelops everyont with a presence that is free of judgement and full of love. Whatever you bring to her, she holds in the most sacred container of honoring and grace. Her intuitive skills merge seamlessly with her physiology allowing her to trasfer powerful energetics through her words, her teachings and her grounded presence. If you get the opportunity to experience her offerings you will be forever improved. Rebekah will show you the light of your own soul in reflection of her smiling eyes. This beautiful being is a humble and highly skilled master, who walks boldly in the leading edge in vulnerability and authenticity while sharing the whole way. You will love her! I most certainly do.

body ascension breath real_edited.jpg
Angela Ditch
Zero Point Perspectives

" Meeting people where they are at in each and every moment and loving them for it . To create and safe and integrity filled space for them to truly witness in themselves , the ultimate homecoming  "



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